We are Sorry.

As of June 26th, 2020, TBM has suspended all appointments with all clients due to growing outbreak in the Chicago area. It should go without saying that bodywork is an unnecessary medical  risk to our community and we must minimize the amount of time we spend with every person are not sheltering in place with until a cure is found. Please seek the advice from reputable sources when dealing with this issue.

In the case of emergency body issues, we are available for 1/2 hour or less therapeutic sessions only. Those sessions will require BOTH PARTIES to be wearing a mask the entire session. No exceptions will be made regarding protective materials.  If you'd like to support us during this time. We do have a GoFundMe page that can be found here


We are happy to offer 25% discounts for :



First Time

Current Client Referral**

*Proper, current, non-expired, photo ID  will be required at checkout to claim discount.
** You must be able to identify our client who referred you by name / phone number. 

All discounts are non-stackable. Meaning 1 total discount on every transaction. 

Who are we?
Wallace is a 32 year old, 6 ft, 220 pound rugby, football, and baseball player who turned massage therapist in 2007. He has been licensed and practicing massage therapy for 12 years now and brings passion into everything he does.

Chase is 27 years old, 5'10" and 160 pounds, Chase joined the team after finishing four years of college football in the Bay Area. Licensed for 6 years,Chase offers a full spread of massage services, private personal training, and dietary counseling.

Massage Therapy Rates and Types

Therapeutic Sessions are a 100% therapeutic session specializing in deep tissue, Swedish, Athletic, or Custom Session styles that focus on problematic areas of the body. These sessions are designed to relax and rejuvenate the body.
Eros Sessions put the client in the driver seat. We focus on meeting the desires of the client and truly making them feel like a completely whole and relaxed person. Focusing on the areas that need the most attention for the most time. These sessions are a trademark of the Total Body experience. These sessions can be custom tailored down to the very music and massage creme used in the session. It's all about whatever the client desires.
1 on 1 Therapeutic Rates
1/2 Hour ~ $80
1 Hour ~ $120
1.5 Hours ~ $160
2 Hours ~ $200
1 on 1 Eros Rates
1/2 Hour ~ $100
1 Hour ~ $180
1.5 Hours ~ $220
2 Hours ~ $260
2 on 1 Therapeutic Rates
1/2 Hour ~ $160
1 Hour ~ $200
1.5 Hours ~ $240
2 on 1 Eros Rates
1 Hour ~ $300
1.5 Hours ~ $340

Therapeutic Services  

Personal Fitness and Training        

Full Body Grooming ~ $20 - $60 - Body hair removal from anywhere across the body via trimming, chemical removal, or wet shaving.
Facial ~ $60 - Cucumber, Charcoal, or Dead Sea Mud facial cleansing.
Therapeutic Body Scrub ~ $70 - Oatmeal, Salt, or Coffee scrubs. All made in-house. 


Personal Training ~ $80 for 2 Hours - Chase offers his own personal weight-loss, weight-gain, or muscle-gain training. Ask him about a personalized bundle with dietary counseling or massage for a discount. 
Dietary Counseling ~ $40 for 1 hour - Chase will meet with you privately to discuss and coach you on a personalized weight-loss or weight-gain plan. Ask him about bundling this service with personal training or massage for a discount. 


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